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About QSE Technologies

QSE Technologies, Inc. was founded in late 2001 by Marion Jenkins and Randy Scott, two former senior executives of some of the most dynamic and successful companies in technology, communications, internet, software and service. In addition, the founders of QSE have been involved in the engineering, procurement and operation of multi-million dollar technology companies. » More about the founders of QSE

QSE Technologies founders and principals have decades of extensive training and real-world experience in both hardware and software applications for leading private and public companies. This has included designing, building, implementing and managing many high-availability/high-reliability technology systems, including telecom and internet service providers, network operations centers, network monitoring systems, customer call centers, internet data centers and computer operations centers. In the software/ application area, our founders have extensive experience in back-office enterprise software systems including billing, customer care, sales force automation, service delivery, billing, inventory control, data capture, and corporate finance.

We have grown steadily – and profitably – through some of the most challenging economic times in our recent history.

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