Workstations and Peripherals

Workstations and Peripherals

Who named that darn thing a PC? It’s not a PERSONAL computer, it’s a BUSINESS computer. Unfortunately 90% of the systems at your local stereo/microwave/TV retailer, or advertised on the web (even from big, well-known national companies), or at the local big-box store, are not business- class machines. You don’t see Ford Motors, General Electric or BankAmerica buying their stuff there, so why should you? Generally, the latest “hot-deal” computer is a close-out, end-of-life model, with at least one stripped-down component inside or the wrong operating system. It may have the same specs as a similar model, but QSE knows how to look “under the hood” and make sure we get you a business-class system that isn’t clogged up with useless software and won’t be obsolete in a year. All QSE-supplied systems are intended for business use – not home use – and they are specifically designed and configured to be compatible with the rest of your I.T. environment.

All needed technology peripherals, including printers, scanners, storage media, monitors, wireless keyboards and mice, PDAs, LCD projectors, etc., are available from QSE. If something has an Ethernet or USB cable connection, or if it attaches to or plugs into another device that does, then it is probably available from QSE. We are your complete I.T. resource.

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