Server and Data Storage Systems

Server and Data Storage Systems

The core of any corporate I.T. system is the server platform plus related data storage and backup systems. With servers advertised from less than a thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars, what’s the difference, and how do you determine the horsepower required, and therefore the cost? QSE handles that for you. We utilize our experience and the requirements of the software vendors and users to determine the server and storage system background. We also make sure the systems are expandable. We always specify as much redundancy as possible, with dual processors, multiple power supplies, hot-swappable disk drives, etc. This gives our customers a server platform that will last much longer than typical systems that are fully maxed out.

Storage systems have increased in capacity and dropped dramatically in cost in the last few years. This puts large-capacity storage systems within financial reach of virtually any business. However, the requirements are still “big- company” in complexity. QSE always specifies redundant storage systems (at least RAID 1 (link) or RAID5 (link), and we engineer data backup systems that are designed to match the storage system in both capacity and redundancy.

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